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About "Fasma"

Our vision is to bring the concept of healthy living to everyone by offering a various range of cereal-based products that provide freshness, energy, and joy to our customers.
Our mission is to produce healthy and tasty Lithuania-grown cereal grain products.
We are one of the major companies engaged in grain and legume crops processing and grits and cereal production. Among the Baltic States, we are the ones who carry out wholesale trade both in Lithuania and abroad. The main activity of our company is the production of grits and cereal; in addition, we produce organic compound feed and are engaged in its retailing and wholesaling. We can also provide packaging, logistics, and grain storage services. The production of buckwheat hull mattresses and pillows, which are gaining popularity among Lithuanian families, is another activity of the company. Sigitas Krivickas’ company “Fasma” was founded in 1991. At the outset, we marketed cereal-based products, later we progressed to prepacking, and ultimately launched their production. We are glad to raise our business ideas like grains: we cultivate, process, and finally, pack and present to the market by ourselves.
The company currently employs over 100 skilled workers whose main goal is doing their job to ensure the steady and quality performance of the company which would reflect in output marketability. Our company is a medium-sized manufacturing company which secures a continuous manufacturing process and flexibility in pricing policies. Regular investments in the modernization of production allow the company to constantly improve the quality of production whereas new machinery contributes to the constant expansion of product range. Output growth leads to the annual discovery of new markets for selling the company’s products. Since 2010, the company has launched the instants grits production line “Nature” which consists of five types of high quality whole grains with exceptional performance. Other new products will complement the line in 2011. The company focuses on its’ consumers seeking to meet their needs therefore it has offered two types of graham flour. We are always ready for change in line with our consumers’ varying desires and habits.